Khadi Denim Jeans – Men

Khadi Denim Jeans – Men

 9,999.00 + GST

Ultimate in comfort and style, these exclusive jeans are hand-crafted from 100% Authentic, Hand-woven Khadi Selvedge Denim fabric, in natural color of cotton …


Denim Club India's Classic Series Hand-crafted Handloom Selvedge Denim Jeans for Men ... specially crafted for denim lovers who care!!!

Ultimate in comfort and style, these exclusive jeans are hand-crafted from authentic, Hand-woven Selvedge Denim fabric, woven out of premium hand-spun, 100% cotton, singles yarn, in the natural color of cotton.

Hand-made Selvedge Denim Fabric

The khadi denim fabric is made from hand-spun yarn, on manually operated handlooms. The entire process of making the fabric is carried out without using electricity and without burning any kind of fuel. The handloom denim fabric comes with a neat and clean selvedge, has a very interesting texture, and is very comfortable to wear. The high breathability of the fabric makes the wearer feel cool in summers, and warm in winters.

Hand-Stitched by a Single Person

All our Handloom Denim Jeans are hand-stitched by master craftsmen, on vintage sewing machines, which are run using manually powered foot-pedal. We do not use electrical motor driven machines for making these jeans. Moreover, the complete garment is stitched by a single tailor.

Socially Responsible & Sustainable Fashion

The fabric and the jeans - both are hand-made and hence only small quantities are produced. Any and each product purchased from us helps the artisans we work with to develop a sustainable income for themselves, their families and their communities.

Standard Sizes / Customized as per Measurement

We offer ready-to-wear jeans in standard sizes, in the Regular Fit with a slight taper in the lower part of the leg. All our jeans are with medium rise, by default.

Specially crafted for denim lovers who care!!!

Waist Size

Extra Small (28), Small (30), Medium (32), Large (34), Extra Large (36)


29, 31, 33

Front Rise