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Decorate with Pride
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Hand-crafted. Aesthetic. Elegant.

Our home furnishing items are any home maker’s dream come true. Be ready for a love at first sight experience!!!

We are sure that you will find our items unique, and not only you would not have seen them anywhere else, you will also not be able to find them anywhere else. Yes, no body else does it the way we do it.

Moreover, all our home furnishing items are exclusively hand-crafted, by crafts-persons, both men and women, and every time you buy one of these to decorate your home, or office, you are making a big contribution in decorating the lives of these unknown masters of their craft.

Every time you buy one of our products, you are extending help and support to these families, and could be making it possible for a child to go to school, or a better meal for the family.

So … go ahead, order a few and decorate your home with a sense of pride and satisfaction!

Cushion Covers

Your guests would want to take the cushion covers along when they leave. Yes, for sure!!!

Table Mats

Our exclusive mats will make you, and your guests, spend extra time on the table…

Wall Decor

Make your walls lively with our exclusive wall hangings, all hand-made …