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Eco-friendly “Smocking Bows and Crosses” Cushion Cover

Responsible fashion blended with luxury.
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Eco-friendly Hand-crafted “Smocking Bows and Crosses” Cushion Cover

The Smocking Bows and Crosses cushion cover is made from Hand-crafted Eco-friendly 100% cotton Handloomed Denim. The cushion cover is completely hand-stitched on a foot pedal operated vintage sewing machine, by a seasoned tailor.

The intricate design in the Smocking Bows and Crosses is a work of art, is an ever-green design, and has a captivating effect.

The fabric is true “3 up 1 down twill” weave, made from 100% cotton singles yarn, dyed with the eco-friendly reactive dyes, and woven on handlooms, by craftsmen in remote villages in India.

100% Made in India (Swadeshi). Responsible fashion blended with luxury.

100% Cotton, Azo-free Reactive Dye
These exclusive and exquisite, “Smocking Bows and Crosses” hand-crafted cushion cover, are made out of 100% authentic hand-loomed denim. The fabric is made from mill-spun 100% cotton yarn, dyed using standard azo-free reactive dyes. Unlike the normally available industrially produced denim, the color in this fabric does not bleed, and will not cause any harm to the sofa / bed covers you are using.

Size & Opening

These hand-crafted cushion covers are available in a standard size of 40 cm x 40 cm (16 x 16 inch). An opening is provided on the back side, with a zipper, for inserting the cushion.

Environment Friendly, Socially Responsible

We do not use any automated or electrical machinery for making these cushion covers. The cushion covers are hand-stitched on vintage sewing machine operated by a foot-pedal.


These cushion covers can be easily washed at home, along with other cotton fabric, with a mild detergent, in cold water. You can dry them on a clothesline, in shade, and iron them when dry. They do not require any extra precautions. But, do remember to take the cushion out of the cover before you wash the cover.

Availability & Ordering Information

The Smocking Bows & Arrows Cushion Cover bought from our online store, or from our studio in New Delhi.

Specially Crafted for the Denim Lovers, Who Care!!!

Unique hand-made products, not available anywhere else.