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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

As we interact with customers, and prospective customers, we answer a lot of their questiosn, and queries. We have tried to put these queries together, here on the FAQs page, along with the answers, to make it easier for you to find the right answer to your queries.

Please go through the questions and answers below in case you have some query. In case you do not find an answer, or need further details, or clarifications, please feel free to write to us at info@handloomdenim.com, or post a contact request from the Contact Us page.

What is handloom denim?

Handloom denim is 3×1 twill weave fabric woven on manually operated vintage wooden looms, from mill-spun yarn.

What is khadi denim?

Khadi denim is 3×1 twill weave fabric woven on manually operated looms, from hand-spun yarn.

What is the difference between handloom denim and khadi denim?

The two varieties of hand-made denim differ from each other in terms of the yarn used for making them.

Handloom denim is made using mill-spun (industrially produced) yarn, whereas khadi denim is made from hand-spun (charkha) yarn.

Owing to the high uneven-ness in thickness, and soft twist of hand-spun yarn, the surface texture of khadi denim fabric is quite rich and much more enhanced, compared to handloom denim fabric.

What is selvedge denim?

Denim fabric with self binding edges on both ends, running along the complete length of the fabric, is known as selvedge denim. The selvedge, also known as selvage, is formed only when a shuttle is used for insertion of weft. No selvedge is formed when fabric is woven on modern shuttle-less looms.

All the hand-made denim fabric offered by us is selvedge denim.

Where do you produce your hand-made denim fabric, and who makes it?

The hand-made denim fabric offered by Denim Club is produced in remote rural areas of India, in villages inhabited by the traditional weavers, who have been weaving fabric on hand-looms for generations.

It is not a “factory-like” set-up. We do it exactly the same way it has always been done, for centuries, without disturbing the handloom weaving eco-system.

The entire family of the weaver is involved in the process, and everyone, including the women, has a role to play.

The entire process is carried out without using any electrically operated machinery, and without burning any fuels.

The looms and other preparatory equipment is installed within the four walls of the home of the weaving family. They generally work during day time, in natural sun light.

Can I get your hand-made fabric outside India?

Yes. We fulfill orders outside India also.

You can get our exclusive eco-friendly handloom denim fabric anywhere in the world as long as there is a courier available, who will pick it up from our place, and, deliver it to your location.

Please note that you will have to bear the cost of fabric and shipping, and any other charges applicable in your country.

Can you provide me samples of your hand-made denim fabric?

We do not provide free samples.

However we do provide a sample kit which includes 25cm X 50 cm swatches of 15 fabrics.

You can order the Fabric Sample Kit from our online store.

Where can I buy hand-made denim fabric?

You can buy hand-made denim fabric from our online store, or from our show-room at Naraina in New Delhi.

For bulk requirements, please check the “Shop-Bulk” section in FAQs.

What is the minimum order quantity for hand-made fabric?

For the items which are in stock, you can buy a minimum of three meters of handloom or khadi denim fabric, from our online store, or from our show-room at Naraina in New Delhi.

Click here to buy fabric from our online store.

How much time do you take for supplying hand-made fabric for custom orders?

We require around 6-8 weeks, after the receipt of confirmed order with advance payment, for dispatching the first lot of fabric for custom orders.

What are your payment terms?

We require you to pay in advance 100% of the amount towards cost of fabric and shipping, in case of orders up to 200 meters. For bigger orders, the payment terms can be negotiated as per mutual understanding.

How can I make payment for my order?

Customers from India can pay by through debit card, credit card or send across a cheque in favor of Denim Club India, or by making an online transfer to our bank account as per details provided below:

Bank : Axis Bank Ltd.
Beneficiary : Denim Club India
Account Number : 644010200003728
Branch : Naraina Vihar, New Delhi
IFSC Code : UTIB0000644
Swift Code : AXISINBB644

Do you supply hand-made denim fabric in bulk / large quantities?

Yes, we do execute orders for bulk supply / large quantities of our specialty hand-made fabric. We consider a single order of more than 500 metres of any one fabric, or more than 200 meters each of any three fabrics, as a bulk order.

We offer special pricing for bulk orders.

What is the width of hand-made denim fabric offered by Denim Club?

The hand-made denim fabric offered by Denim Club comes in a standard width of approx. 1 metre (40 inches), including the selvedge on both sides.

However, we can also provide hand-made denim fabric in other widths – smaller and bigger – from 75 cm (30 inches) to 120 cm (48 inches) approximately, as per your specific requirements, for custom orders of a minimum of 200 metres of fabric.

What is weight range of hand-made denim fabric?

We offer hand-made denim fabric ranging from 4.5/5 ounces per square yard to 14/15 ounces per square yard.

Do you offer hand-made denim fabric in rolls, if ordered in bigger quantities?

For bigger quantities, we supply hand-made denim fabric in rolls of varying lengths, ranging from 10 metres to 25 metres. In general, the length of rolls will vary owing to the process of production.

What dyes do you use for coloring the warp yarns in hand-made denim?

We use a variety of dyes – natural colors, reactive dyes, indigo (natural) – for coloring the warp yarns. The price of fabric varies with the dyes used for coloring warp.

We also offer bull denim – fabric in which warp is also not dyed, and thus the fabric shows up in the natural color of cotton.

We also offer fabric which has been dyed post weaving, dyed with any of the vegetable dyes, like onion skin, pomegranate rind, eucalypts leaves, natural indigo, etc.

Do you offer stripes and checks in hand-made denim fabric?

Yes. We do offer stripes and checks in hand-made denim fabric as per your specific requirements. The minimum order quantity for such customization is 200 meters.

Do you offer jacquard based designs in your hand-made denim fabric?

Yes. We do offer jacquard based designs in hand-made denim fabric, as per your specific requirement. The minimum order quantity for such customization is 200 metres.

Can you provide company logo or brand name in selvedge of your hand-made denim fabric?

Yes. We can provide hand-made denim fabric with your logo or brand name in the selvedge for orders larger than 200m.