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There is so much that can be done with eco-friendly handloom denim!!!

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There is so much that can be done with eco-friendly handloom denim!!!

Model & Stylist: Ashima Jindal
Fabric: Handloom Denim Fabric by Denim Club India
Dresses: Handloom Denim Dress

Denim Club presents an eco-friendly avtar of denim, which offers limit-less possibilities of crafting exclusive and exquisite high-fashion garments, which not only look magnificent, but are also super comfortable to wear.

We specialize in hand-made selvedge denim fabric, in weight ranging from 5 oz to 13 oz, all 100% cotton, woven out of singles yarn in both warp and weft, and made without using electricity in the process of weaving.

Our fabric can be used for making the eternal Nehru Jacket, shirts, kurtas, trucker jackets, formal blazer, gilet type open jacket, formal and semi-formal dresses for women, shorts, capris, bells and other bottoms, tops, gowns, and even for cushion covers, curtains, wall decor, bags, accessories, and so on.

And, yes …. it can be used for making wonderfully elegant and comfortable jeans!!!

We are proud of the fact that the entire collection offered by us is completely Made in India. Yes, it is 100% Swadeshi.

You can buy it from our online store at https://handloomdenim.com.

Handloom Denim by Denim Club is a small step towards revival of age-old craft of hand-based weaving and making it possible for the traditional weavers to earn a reasonable and respectable living. For more information about the Handloom Denim Initiative by Denim Clubm, please visit https://handloomdenim.com

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